WTF Is The Whole 30 + Why I’m Doing It

I’m a week into the Whole 30 and I can honestly say that this was one of the best personal decisions that I’ve ever made. I’m sleeping better and waking up earlier, I have a clearer mind, a happier heart, more patience, and every time I feel like caving I remind myself of why I’m doing this.

For me, the Whole 30 is more than just a quick way to lose weight. Though the results for that are amazing, too! This challenge is sort of like a little science experiment with myself where I’m eliminating all grains, dairy, sugar, alcohol, caffeine and legumes and focusing on lean meat, veggies, fruit, eggs and healthy fats, because I’ve done countless Google searches about how food affects our hormones after I received e-mails from two women who were told that they were 99.9% infertile and now have healthy and beautiful babies after following the Whole 30 diet.

I’ve decided to not see the fertility specialist here in Denver. The doctor that I saw after our loss last month kindly informed me that “The loss was nothing more than a chemical pregnancy and I’ll refer you to a specialist, but he will not be concerned until you’ve had three true miscarriages. He will likely tell you to just try and try again.”

The feisty little ass-kicker in me left that appointment determined to get my shit together myself then … because the idea of being told to miscarry two more times before it becomes a real issue for anyone other than myself is one of the cruelest things that I’ve ever been told.

So for me, the Whole 30 is so much more than shaping up for bikini season. It’s about stripping all of the hormone-unbalancing foods from my diet, hitting the reset button, and making my body a happy and hospitable home … for our future baby Fox and also for myself.

Class dismissed.


What’s something that your future self would thank you for if you started today?


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  • Ashleigh

    I did the Whole 30 last year and I can honestly say it helped so much with my energy levels and sleeping better. I keep playing with the idea of doing it again because I kind of miss not having to survive on coffee. Plus I just feel better (both mentally and physically) knowing I’m fueling my body with 100% natural, good for you foods. I think the Whole 30 is great for what you’re trying to achieve, even if it is just figuring out what foods cause inflammation and/or hormone imbalance. I love following your blog and I wish you best of luck that the Whole 30 helps with your fertility!

    • Kym @ Travel Babbles

      It’s crazy how much energy I have, Ashleigh! The first two-four days I was soooo tired and actually needed to take a nap, but now I’m waking up chipper at 6am which never-ever-ever happens for me lol. Do you follow Whole 30/primal eating at all or … ?? After this 30 is up I do plan on introducing honey back in because I L-O-V-E it … but no more yogurt or cheese for me (I’ve never been a milk drinker), and I’m going to try my hardest to stay gluten/grain free, too! I’m having fun cooking and can’t wait to treat myself to homemade gluten free/sugar free desserts once they are allowed again :) I read a blog who says she follows 90/10, and kind of ‘laxes up on the weekends, that sounds totally do-able to me!

      • Ashleigh

        I tried to for a while afterwards, but then you know little things sneak in and after a while you’re not eating anything close to paleo. This past week I tried prepping food that I ate while on the Whole 30 and just felt so much better. I just need to stick with it…I keep feeling like every month I say I’m going to do something to clean up my diet, but then it’s “never the right time.” I just need to buckle down and do it because it will never be the right time!

  • Rachael

    Good luck babe!!!

    • Kym @ Travel Babbles

      Thanks love! Did you look into it at all last night? The first couple of days were ROUGH, I wanted an entire plate of chocolate brownies and an iced latte ALL-DAY-LONG, but I’m so thrilled with this decision. If you want any advice or tips email me! I text with Alexes from Lexe In The City every time one of us wants to cheat … and I’d be happy to do the same with you! It’s much easier with a buddy :)

  • Biana Perez

    How awesome that you’re already seeing positive results! I try to use the 80/20 rule. Eat well 80% of the time and then sort of splurge in moderation 20% of the time!! Can’t wait to follow along!!

    • Kym @ Travel Babbles

      It’s funny because I considered myself a fairly healthy and mindful eater, but it’s insane how sugar is snuck into SO MANY FOODS! Once these 30 days are over I do plan on introducing natural honey back into my diet, but grains and gluten and dairy can stay away. 80/20 sounds like a great rule to follow and I’ll likely adopt something similar. I can’t wait to play around with gluten/sugar free desserts though ;)

  • Nadine

    I had seen a lot of people pinning Whole 30 stuff in the last few weeks. I look forward to following along and see how it works for you! I know I should be doing something similar. Good luck :)

  • Libby Boyes

    I have been doing something very similar to this and have been absolutely loving how I’m feeling and can’t believe I haven’t tried this sooner! I’d love any great recipes you’ve found! :)

  • Jamie

    I wish you lots of luck on this journey & I hope that you get everything that you’re looking for out of it!

  • Jessica Angeles

    I’ve seen a lot of people trying the Whole 30, I look forward to seeing how it all works for you! I can’t imagine giving up caffeine, which is the only thing holding me back from trying! Your description of it being a way to reset is really enticing though…..

  • Jessi Even

    Yes girl! I eat mostly paleo and I’m so thrilled you’ve discovered the life-benefits of cutting out grains and dairy. You can still enjoy food which is something many people don’t realize.

    Healthy by design, hot by accident! :)

  • Kerry

    Look forward to reading about how you like doing the Whole30, the cheese and coffee would be so hard for me.

  • Kai

    I really REALLY hope & pray that you don’t have to miscarry 2 more times for this to become an issue. You’re definitely in my prayers! I started taking birth control for some issues I’m having with my body, per my doctor’s request, and it has me like a crazy woman wanting ALL THE FOOD. Good luck with this healthy journey!

  • Kodi

    My husband and I did a Whole30 last year and both felt great changes in our bodies! Since then we’ve settled into an 80/20 lifestyle, 80% paleo, 20% not. Mentally, I find I’m happiest that way, strict Whole30 my whole life just plain makes me sad to be missing out on some foods I love! You’ll find out what works best for you after the 30 days is up and you reintroduce some foods and see how every food effects your body, it was the most interesting part to me. Enjoy the learning process, and hopefully soon a wonderful, full pregnancy and babe!

  • Kim

    You’re wonderful! Good for you, lady. I wish you all the good fortune in the world, both for the health benefits of the Whole30 for you, and for your continued trying for that lil’ kit of yours. :) Thinking aboutcha!

    (You’re making me want to try cutting out all of the things. This could be disastrous.)

  • Tiffany

    It sickens me that is still some philosophies of doctors. Even chemical can be fixed or treated in some cases early on when caught. Find a new doctor!

  • Margo

    amen, girl. good for you!

  • Jamie @ Gunters Abroad

    I love that you found a plan that is working for you!! I love anything that keeps up a happy attitude :)

  • Andi Perullo de Ledesma

    Awesome keep up the good work!

  • Meli (Blush + Jelly)

    Love your reasons for doing Whole 30. I definitely think it’s more than just losing weight – it’s about health and treating your body well. Keep it going!

  • Allie @ Between Dreams

    I’m currently going through, what I call a ‘lifestyle overhaul’… which basically is centred around the desire to live VIBRANTLY – which means listening to what my body needs intuitively so that I can feel radiant. Needless to say, it’s a process, and maybe this idea is another kick to push me forward :)

  • jackie jade

    ooh this sounds like an awesome program! I’ve been lazy bride lately but know I want to kick it up a notch this summer before my wedding. so I think i’ll look into it then!

  • Allena Mistral

    I’ve never completed the whole 30, but I’m completely gluten free and had to do a gluten challenge for two months. I felt HORRIBLE and I am so glad to be back on my GF diet, even though everything hasn’t completely cleared my system. Good luck and I know it’ll make you feel soooo much better!