It’s Friday, I’m In Love


Brutus is saying “It’s Friday, bitches!”


I can’t wait for my fresh Bouq’s flowers to fully bloom!
They are currently having a 2 for 1 sale – get DOUBLE the blooms for $40 using code MARCH2FOR1.


I love this quote.


I have been love-love-loving on my dainty new bracelet from Eclectic Star! Alisha is so sweet and all of her handmade pieces have me quite jealous that I hardly have a DIY bone in my body. This Tiny Gold Nugget Bracelet is my favorite, and she just added Silver Nugget Best Friend Bracelets which are so cute and perfect for stacking this Spring!


Today is day 4 of my Whole 30 with Alexes and surprisingly enough, I’m still alive. The challenge isn’t really all that difficult, I mean look at all of the yummy whole foods that I get to eat, and I know that I’m doing my body good … however I’ve been craving an Starbucks Iced Vanilla Macchiato like nobody’s business … so this weekend, please go drink one or two in memory of my dying sugar and caffeine addiction. The vanilla one is way better than the caramel one, I promise!

Spring has officially sprung, y’all! The weather forecast for the weekend here in Denver looks decent (though I won’t be surprised if we get a random snowstorm) …and I hope that Mother Nature got the memo to keep it together, because I’m more than ready to kick my winter hibernation (and clothes!) to the curb.

I heard birds chirping yesterday – like, I actually heard them … I stopped and listened to them, and I smiled. I took the time to stop and notice a few flowers that pushed their way through dirt … and I guess there’s just something about the crisp air and warm sunshine on my face, and the weather teeter tottering between winter and spring, that has me embracing this fresh sense of newness and the fact that everything is starting to come alive again … especially myself.

TJ is gone on another roadtrip and I’ve been spending a lot of time outside in the sunshine with Brutus and with my friends. Hence why I’ve been kind of quiet lately. I just … I don’t know, I feel like I’m kind of moving on from all of this, like I’m maybe over it … like I want to love and enjoy my life and the people in it without having to make it into a big spectacle here in hopes that people like it and comment on it, as if that type of feedback from strangers makes my life more satisfying or valid or something. You see … I guess I’ve just found a little bit of peace lately, and being present in my life has become more important than being present online. I’m not sure what this all means at the moment … I’m trying to figure out. We shall see. This too shall pass. Maybe.


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  • Kate Hall

    Take a break. Enjoy yourself. See how you feel after some time away with dog cuddles and sunshine!

    • Kym @ Travel Babbles

      Brutty cuddles for the win!!! :) xoxo

  • Sami Shenanigans

    You know we are on the same wave length sister! Although if you leave me I’m going to need constant updates on your life, le duh!

  • Samantha Green

    Hands down, that is my favorite picture of Brutus. I’m gonna show Pebbles this weekend. You may have a visitor on Monday…..

    And that bracelet is precious! I need one!

    Finally, the last thing I ever want you to do is leave the blogging world. BUT. I know you’ve gone through these feelings a time or two before, so maybe they are something to pay attention to? My first question would be, what brings you back each time? If the answer isn’t anything of substance, then maybe you do need a break! But I promise, I will miss you and I also promise I will text you because I will need to know what is going on in your life.


  • Shelby Hanchey

    Brutus is a-DORABLE. All of the food you’ve been eating looks really good, too! Enjoy your weekend and your cute little bracelet :)

  • Jamie

    Yay for happy pictures. I saw a plant coming out of the ground yesterday & almost cried tears of joy! And as for your considering leaving this blogland, well I will miss you terribly! But I also respect the need to do what is best for you. So I shall support you in whatever you do :)

  • Brianna Clark

    I love that bracelet! I’ve been loving anything and everything gold! Those meals look so yummy too:) go you for being healthy! Happy Friday girly :)

  • Erica Jacquline

    I love reading everyones happy posts this week. I think it is the hope of spring. Keep being fulfilled by your life friend!

  • Kaelene Spence

    All that food looks good! Keep it up.

  • Alex

    Can you have fruit and yogurt on whole30? I gave up sugar and alcohol for lent and somehow a daily strawberry banana yogurt smoothie is the freaking cure-all!

  • brooke lyn

    i do have to agree with you the vanilla is better than the caramel one, but still not worth cheating on your whole30 for! good luck

  • Alex @ A Dose of Mint

    Brutus is sooo handsome! Finding peace is so amazing and I’m glad you shared. I have gone through periods of time where I am unhappy and I don’t want to blog because I don’t want people I know personally to see or (this may sound bad) get satisfaction out of it. I also have periods where I am happy and I want to keep moments to myself and not share with the world. :) I also am really starting to want one of those polar work out watches.

  • Nadine

    All of your food looks delicious! I need to look in to the Whole 30 thing but I dont want to give up coffee. I really really dont.

    I saw the vanilla machiatto when I was at Starbucks the other day but forgot about it by the time I ordered. The Carmel is my go to drink but I want to try it!

  • Kerry

    Awww. hope you don’t go away but I completely understand needing a break. Brutus is just such a cutie!!

  • Jessi Even

    Yay for living life out of blog world! That’s important and the sun / friends / puppy love is a great reason for that. Just keep showing your pretty face on instagram if you go away forever please <3

  • Amanda MeeMee

    Brutus, you’re so handsome!! :D

  • Danica Pardini

    Brutus is too cute for words, love his happy Friday greeting to me on my dashboard!

  • Carly @ Let Us Wanderlust

    Birds chirping and flowers blooming are amongst some of my most favourite things about Spring. I bet it was nice to just stop and listen and take it in. I hope you have a great weekend and the weather plays nice!

  • Mo Olivas

    Sent the picture of your pup over to my sister–She LOVES bulldogs (She has a black/white/brindle one) and she just can’t get over his cute face haha. Seriously, that’s one cute dog!

  • Renee Bursey

    Not gonna lie, it made the selfish part of me a little sad to hear that you’re thinking about giving blogging up. But of course the unselfish part of me (and I’d like to think it’s a lot bigger than the other one) wants you to do your own thang (and apparently that was the gangster part of me, which I never knew I had)!
    I guess sometimes it can be hard separating all the “other stuff” from blogging; the things that get in the way of actually living and loving your life!

  • San

    Cutest dog pic ever.

  • Amber Thomas

    You say you’re not sure about this space and your feelings and it makes my heart feel at home (once again). Because, well, I feel the same way. Today Jason and I spent four hours in the backyard sitting in the sun, sipping sweet peach tea, laughing and magazine reading. I wanted to blog (sort of) but couldn’t bring myself to do so because that moment needed to be had, not documented. And it was still valid without the double tap of others -in fact, that lack of double tap ALMOST made it sweeter on my lips. :)

  • Kari Haywood

    Those flowers are beautiful!

  • Marie

    The doggie, so adorable, I have two, at first I though he/she was a Frenchie =)