They Say It’s My Birthday

Today is my 28th birthday. And today, I officially feel O-L-D. So let’s kick off this party with a little gift for one of you instead, and move right along, shall we?

Okay, okay, I know that the new year officially started yesterday, but let’s face: none of us already (or will ever) have our shit completely together … so even though you’ll receive this planner a couple of weeks into 2014, I know that it will be put to great use by whoever wins! 

Enter below:
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One winner will be selected at random and will receive a Ninj&Ninj planner of their choice (a $35 value). This giveaway is open to international residents, and is sponsored by the following blogs and businesses: 

Melissa from Two Miracles, Erica from So Much Sunshine, Sara from Life As A Hughes, Nicole from Not Before My Tea, Jordan from DJ Petersen Stories, Darlene from Tales of a Young Mama, Melissa from Blush & Jelly, Brittany from Happy Is A Choice, Jessa from Life Of A Sports Wife, Christina from Route Bliss, Margo from Gutenblog Y’all, Miriam from Cats, Lifestyle, Interior and Kayla from Keeping Up With K. If you’d like to be included in next month’s giveaway check out my advertising options here :)


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  • La Maman Heureuse

    Happy Birthday! Hope you’re having a great one! Always fun to find people with the same birthday :-)

  • April Kathe

    Happy Birthday!!!

  • Dixie Bell Designs

    Happy Birthday!!!

  • Kate at Green Fashionista

    Happy Birthday! Great giveaway, I’ve always wanted a nice planner, and those are so pretty :)

  • Kayla C

    Happy Birthday! Love the planners, but please don’t call yourself old….because I’m 27! We’re not old yet!!! :D

  • Pleas(e) and Carrots

    Happy Happy Birthday!!!! :-)

  • Mandy

    Happy birthday sweet lady!!

  • christa

    Happy Birthday!

  • Jamie @ You Gotta Have Hart

    Happy Birthday Prettiful!! (yes, it’s really a word that I use)
    I hope that this year is your most blessed yet :) PS- I’m totally going to start saying “Ouit Slackin’ & Make Shit Happen!!”

  • Endo_Life

    Happy Birthday x

  • Jennifer-Blake


  • Breenah A

    I spilled wine all over my current planner, so a new one would come in super handy right now.

    Happy birthday :D

  • Julie

    Happy happy birthday! You’re not old…I’m an oldie :)

  • Brianna

    Happy birthday! and 28 is NOT old!!!!! :)

  • Carly

    Happy, happy birthday!!!!

  • Misty

    Happy birthday!!!

  • Christina M

    Happy birthday!!

    (PS … if there was one time — and one time only — I wish I wasn’t a sponsor, its this giveaway! I have the print for that middle planner faved on my Etsy account!)

  • Ashley

    Happy (belated) birthday! Excited to read along in 2014!

  • Helene in Between

    Happy happy b-day my friend!

  • Kim Wanders

    Happy Birthday! & Yes, I didn’t feel officially old until I turned 28! Sometimes I still accidenally tell ppl I’m 27 because I literally cannot believe I’m a person who has lived 28 years.

  • Areeba

    Happy birthday Kym!

  • Whitney Alison

    Happy Birthday! 28 has been pretty decent so far so don’t be too worried. Old is a state of mind girl. Last night, dancing with my daughter I’m pretty sure I was only 12 :)

  • Aunie


  • Neatly- Packaged

    Happy Birthday!!! :) Hope you have a great day!

  • Amanda – Voyage of the MeeMee

    Dammit, I’m a day late… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hugs, kisses, GLITTER*

  • Missy C

    Hope you had a fabulous birthday Mrs Fox!!!
    M xoxo

  • Renee

    How awesome are you!!! It’s YOUR birthday and yet you’re giving US a present! Be my friend??? lol

  • jackie jade

    happy birthday and thanks for the fun giveaway! i can always use another pretty planner! :)
    — jackie @ jade and oak

  • Rachel

    Happy belated birthday to you!!

  • Kate

    Yay! Happy birthday :)

  • Whitney Vass

    Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a great one, and thanks for doing the giveaway!

  • Michelle I

    I’m a couple days late but I hope that you had an amazing birthday!!!

  • Erica @ So Much Sunshine

    Happy Birthday Kym! I hope it is a great year for you!

  • jack william

    I hope it is a great year for you!Cheap Kilimanjaro Ticket

  • Brianne Bracco

    Happy Happy Belated Birthday pretty lady! Cheers to a great year!

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  • Kayleigh thewayiwanderlust

    Happy birthday. Please don’t say its old, I turn 28 this month to lol.

  • Crazy Shenanigans-JMO

    Happy Belated Birthday!

  • Janna Renee

    Aww! Happy Belated Birthday!

  • kris angel

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