WTF Is A Kumquat + Other Random Baby Things That I Thought and Googled In The First Trimester

I reinstalled the BabyCenter app onto my iPhone shortly after testing positive with Baby Fox. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the BabyCenter app, it’s actually a really great resource that keeps you updated weekly on your baby’s growth and development, tells you how much it weighs, and gives you an idea of how big the baby is by comparing it to a fruit.

A few weeks back I received a push notification that the baby was the size of a kumquat. I immediately took a screenshot and sent it to TJ with the message “WTF is a kumquat??!!”

You can tell me that I’m uneducated, it’s fine. But I’ve never heard of a kumquat in my entire life, so off to Google I went to learn that it’s the long distance cousin of the orange.

This week, Baby Fox is allegedly the size of an avocado … and while I understand what they mean while making the fruit reference, I can’t help but visualize THIS:


And when I skipped ahead four weeks in the app to see how big the baby will be according to fruit standards when he/she is twenty weeks, I still can’t help but visualize THIS:



Is anybody with me on this, or am I just an idiot? Actually, before you answer that, let’s take a look at the random baby shit that I’ve thought and Googled over the past twelve weeks (I’m 16 weeks for the record, but you’re technically “pregnant” before you’re pregnant … because that makes a whole lot of sense …)

How do I not poop during labor?
Can I REALLY not eat sushi while pregnant?
Fine. What sushi CAN I eat while pregnant?
Can I REALLY not eat blue cheese while pregnant?
Why is it called morning sickness when I’m nauseous ALL day?
Will my boobs stay this big after pregnancy?
I wish that I was as skinny as I was six months ago when I thought that I was fat.
When am I going to actually look pregnant with a real baby instead of just a food baby?
Holy hell, I’m never going to get a solid night of sleep. EVER AGAIN.
If I use my laptop on my lap will I fry the baby?
Can you push out a baby while on the toilet?
I think I want a C-Section but what if they puncture my organs? That would totally happen to me.
What does the mucus plug look like?
Was that gas or did I just feel the baby move?
Where can I get one of those “Feed me and tell me I’m pretty” shirts?

Would you be embarrassed if your recent Google search history went public? I would be!
What’s the silliest thing that you’ve Googled this week?


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I Walk Halfway Around The World Just To Sit Down By Your Side

When TJ and I sat down in 2010 with a 2012 calendar placed in front of us to pick out our wedding date, it was a fairly simple process.

We couldn’t get married in October-April because that’s when we’d be off in Whereversville for his hockey season, but if we were in Europe for the season, pre-season would start two months earlier than that which X’ed out August and September, and if we were in the States and his team happened to advance into the playoffs, those could easily go into May or June, which left us with July.

July 7th, 2012 it was.77038_589440376556_490702871_n (8)

And as straightforward as that decision-making process was, it was also very calculated. Because my life and my brain were both very calculated back then. Two, three, four, five years ago – if TJ hadn’t had a contract for the following season like he doesn’t quite have right now, I’d have already flipped a panic switch. Because I NEEDED to know if our currency would be in Euros or USD, if I’d need to pack my heavy winter jacket or if my light one would do, if I’d have to learn a new language or just a new dialect, and how many time zones I’d be crossing over and away from my family. I needed to prepare myself for all of those little details and more.

282531_589437322676_1400495738_n (2)

15578_589442522256_850005979_n (1)576360_589436788746_111765731_n (1)224885_589436713896_342068757_n (4)

I was a planner. So when we first started trying for a baby two years ago I thought that it was going to be much like picking out our wedding date. We’d start trying in October for an off-season July baby and all would be right in my little X + Y = Z world. But now … here we are, here we be. With a December baby on the way. Smack dab in the middle of hockey season. And I couldn’t be happier. I have no idea what city, state or even country I’ll be having the baby in, but I’m strangely okay with it. I’m just going with the flow … and I think that this whole rollercoaster of a babymaking process has been strangely positive for me in various ways. Mainly, because I’ve faced the greatest feelings of loss and disappointment, and I now feel like I can handle literally anything that life slings at me, because I’ve found powerful pieces of myself that I had not known existed, and because I know for sure that I’ll always have TJ by my side.

64083_589442033236_1581431326_n (2)

When TJ and I exchanged vows two years ago today, I had no idea that we’d end up having two babies in heaven, or that many tear-filled nights and anxiety ridden days awaited us. That’s not to say that the past two years have been shitty and awful – on the contrary, they have been wonderful. It’s just that I was blissfully convinced that we’d live happily ever after … you know, like in the movies? But the thing about babies and hockey contracts and basically all-things-life, is that there are twists and turns, roadblocks, U-Turns, potholes and detours. Sometimes your navigation system fails or isn’t updated and keeps redirecting you, which forces you to shut that annoying, damn thing off and just figure out how to get to wherever you’re going on your own. TJ and I have surely taken the long way, the road less traveled and the Scenic Route for almost every major decision that we’ve made together - and while it’s always felt like an inconvenience at the time, the decisions that we’ve made together have truly been the most rewarding. Maybe not professionally or financially … but personally, for us … we’ve always ended up exactly where we needed to be. Together.

528202_589443455386_1190009377_n (3) 45018_589442362576_838137598_n (9)

So here’s to many more years of missed exits, speed bumps, wrong turns, getting lost, and finding our way. “Troubles they may come and go, but good times they’re the gold, so if the road gets rocky girl, just steady as we go.”


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Hello July

According to my little pink planner, the date on my iPhone and the upper right hand corner of my computer - today is July 1st. It sure doesn’t feel like we’re half way through the year, does it? June was busy, but fun - I shared our Baby Fox news, vacationed in Mexico, and caught up with friends. I’m looking forward to embracing this long month of July. No big plans are in store, but I love the idea of just taking life one day at a time.


This month I hope to:

Try New Recipes
I haven’t been very creative in the kitchen lately. Really, who wants to cook when it’s 80+ degrees out? Besides that though, the thought of most foods have been a complete turn off for me for the past 10+ weeks. Woof. Now that my appetite is finally returning I’d like to try a couple new dishes that are light and won’t have me sweating in the kitchen. Any ideas?

Work Out Every Day
I was finally cleared to workout the week after we returned home to Mexico, which coincidentally was the very same time my “morning sickness” (which is a lie by the way, it was all day sickness for me) decided to come back with a vengeance. I’m also fairly certain that I came home from Mexico with a stomach bug … but now that I’m back to feeling 100% (hello and thank you, second trimester) I’m actually looking forward to breaking a little sweat.

Eat As Paleo As Possible
The amount of toast and butter, bagels with cream cheese, garlic pasta and Ramen Noodles that I consumed during the first three months of this pregnancy is actually disgusting to me considering I hadn’t eaten any of those things for weeks while completing the Whole 30 (okay, 20) and had eliminated those foods entirely from my diet. I still cannot eat any vegetables besides the occasional Romaine lettuce salad with cucumbers, but I can finally stomach fruit, grilled chicken and turkey, so I’ve made some progress!

Complete the FMS July Photo A Day Challenge
I’ve attempted this photo challenge a handful of times but never made it all the way through. Make sure you’re following me on Instagram to see if I actually finish this time ;)

Knock a few things off my Summer To-Do List
July feels like a mighty fine month to visit the drive-in theatre, catch the sun rise, watch some fireworks, explore more of WMass and take a random trip to the beach … in fact, I’m off to New Hampshire today with my mom and brother to do just that :) I’m not sure when we’ll be back … we’re just taking it one day at a time.

What are you looking forward to this month?
A summer vacation? Total relaxation?
Tell me in a comment below :)


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