Truth Be Told, I Don’t Need This Blog Anymore.

When I first started writing this blog in 2010, I needed it.

I was living in Germany, required a connection to home, couldn’t work, and sought a creative outlet since I was no longer teaching dance.

5b0f30c47742890ddec8658f3707eff2Over the years, I found myself needing this blog more and more for a variety of other reasons. Being that we live so far away from my home/family/friends for eight months out of the year, this blog introduced me to a community of people who provided me with instant friendship, love and support with the simple click of the Publish Blog Post Button. Travel Babbles became a space to vent, to cry, to share our life story, to document our memories, and a place to write out my thoughts when TJ was gone on roadtrips and the only person I got to talk to for days on end was a four legged puppernutter named Brutus.

But truth be told, I don’t need this blog anymore. Not in the same way that I used to.

And I feel like a part of me is dying. Or maybe it’s growing. I haven’t figured that one out quite yet.

This blog is a complete extension of my heart and mind … it’s been a constant in my life for the past four years between multiple moves and empty moments and confusing times. And happy times, too. I’m not ready to quit blogging entirely, because quitting means I gave up and since I’m competitive by nature, that’s really not an option for me … but I guess I’m just more interested in writing new chapters of my life offline … ones that don’t need to be instantly updated on Instagram or Twitter, or crafted into something for pageviews or likes or comments from strangers.

64b848806edcd54838aff2603d5bb656And the ultimate facts of this matter are this: I know my blog readers and I know that all of my most popular posts over the past four years were fueled by hurt or anger or loss or frustration. My most popular posts aren’t my recipe posts or Thursday Things or what I did over the weekend or random mumbojumbo. And honestly, they’re not mine either. My favorite posts are the ones that I WROTE, where I shared my heart and where I was “real” and “authentic” and “brave” and “transparent” (or so I was told) … but I’ve finally found genuine happiness and peace in my life, and casting my crazy out into the interwebs when life isn’t all lemon bars and puppy’s breath just isn’t really of interest to me anymore.

And so I’m stuck. And when something (as silly as a blog) becomes a part of you and becomes a reflection of who you are, when it starts to suck you can’t help but feel like you suck a little (as a blogger), too. And so that’s where I’m at right now - and that’s enough sharing of my uncaffeinated brain for a Tuesday morning.


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Thursday Things // Easter Edition

Easter is right around the corner and I’m officially missing home! Last year we were able to feast with my family, but this year TJ’s team has advanced in the playoffs soooo I can’t have it both ways or be in two places at once. Fingers crossed for wins this weekend (knock knock knock on wood) … and I better see some of these treats below go by my feed on Instagram on Sunday ;)

jellybeanbarkMmmm, how yummy does this Jelly Bean Bark look?

pretzelsThese little animal pretzels are the cutest and look rather fool proof ;)

5614802565_1ac055340a_bLook at these fancy Peeps!

eastereggsI love these pastel deviled eggs.

crispyeggWell that’d be a fun surprise.

carrorcroissantsI la-la-love these carrot crescents! Here’s the tutorial, but I also saw one that simply used formed tin foil instead of the horn mold. Because who actually has a horn mold?


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Today I’m so happy to introduce you to fellow Coloradan (psst … am I even a fellow? How long do you have to live somewhere to technically qualify as actually LIVING there?) … anyways … here’s Miss Hannah from Hannah, Here!


Q. Tell us about your blog and what it’s all about:
A. I started Hannah, Here! in 2010 when I was experiencing a major transition in my life. My blog has grown and changed as I have grown and changed, but I frequently use it to post about my life and things that interest me.

Q. Where is your favorite place to vacation?
A. I recently went to Cabo San Lucas with my boyfriend, sister, and brother-in-law and it was a blast. Nothing beat lying by the pool or the beach and ordering all-you-can-eat sushi and bottomless fruity drinks (with an umbrella, of course)! I also have a special place in my heart for Disney World. I vacationed there twice as a kid and then worked there for 7 months in 2010.

Q. What do you do for a living? What’s your dream job?
A. I work in a law office which is actually pretty exciting and entertaining, but of course all confidential. Someday I’d really like to be a stay at home mom, but my dream job would be to write books…successfully!

Q. What is the last great movie you watched?
A. Since I’d like to see ever Best Picture nominee before I die, I frequently watch great movies, old and new. I really liked Philomena, from 2013′s nominee list. I really thought I would hate it, but it was surprisingly charming and an incredible (and true) story.

Q If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?hannah1
A. I would love to live in Europe. Probably somewhere predictable like Paris, London, or Rome. Europe has always fascinated me with its architecture, history, and culture. I just love the idea of being able to hop on a train and easily traveling to an entirely different country.

Q. What’s your favorite dinner recipe?
A. If I’m just cooking for myself, I try to keep it simple and one of my favorite go-to healthy recipes is southwest sweet potatoes. I’ve modified the recipe slightly since I posted it in 2013, but I just throw on the fixings and it’s enough food for me! And SO delicious!

Q. If you had $1,000 to spend right now, what would you buy?
A. If I were being smart, I’d probably just put it towards savings and paying off debt. But right now I REALLY want a kitchen aid mixer. You know you’re a grown up when you want kitchen appliances.

hannah4Q. What hobbies do you have outside of blogging?
A. Living in Colorado, it’s hard not to spend time outdoors. Since my boyfriend is so outdoorsy, we camp, hike, canoe, fish, ski (he likes downhill, I like cross country). I watch a lot of movies and love going to the movie theater.  (I most recently saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier.) I enjoy reading, walking, yoga, Pure Barre, and eating sweets.

Q. What’s your guilty pleasure?
A. Probably watching TV shows that I’ve already seen. Like I could just watch the entire Friends series in a couple of weeks even though I’ve already seen every episode half a dozen times. In fact, I’m in season 8 right now!

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Eight Simple Truths About Me G(angnam)IF Style


GIF’s make me laugh – and I needed a good laugh on this snowtastic Monday morning. That’s right – Denver went from 75F to snowstorm in a matter of 24 hours. Whomp whomp. Dear Spring, where are you? Was anyone else hit with snow this weekend?


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