Michaela’s 3 Month Update

M 3 monthsHeight + Weight: I don’t have exact numbers, but if I had to guesstimate I’d say she’s 24″ tall and maybe 14lbs? She’s starting to get chunky little thighs and I just want to eat them up!

Routine: Michaela wakes up for the day anywhere between 6am and 8am. This month I figured out that starting her naptime routine every 1.5 hours instead of every 2 hours makes for much better naps, which make for a much better nights sleep. Funny how that works. She usually takes two two hour naps and one or two 30 minute naps throughout the day, and we begin her bedtime routine around 7/7:30.

M tutu cute

Sleeping: Michaela is sleeping for a good 5 hour stretch at night, and then she’s still up every 2-3 hours for a little drink before quickly falling back asleep. She never cries when she wakes up at night, only quietly moans and whines, but since we’re back to co-sleeping we all get a fairly restful nights sleep. One thing that we’re “struggling” with is that she can only fall asleep while nursing on me. I’ve tried giving her bottles at night and binkies to suck on to self soothe, but I think that she just really enjoys getting all close and warm and snuggly to fall asleep. So for now, I’m a human paci. She won’t need me like this in college, right? ;)

Eating: Michaela is an all day snacker. She’s become pretty efficient at eating, however she will eat from one breast then not be interested in more for another 30-60 minutes, which makes me feel like I’m feeding her allllll dayyyy longggg. I still haven’t been able to build a freezer stash because there’s hardly anything when I pump, and she refuses to take bottles anyways, so the whole feeding “thing” has been pretty exhausting for me.

T and M

Sizes: M has officially outgrown all of her newborn pants and she is wearing 3M clothing exclusively. Nobody told me how absolutely heartbreaking it is to pack away all of the tiny newborn clothes!!!

Likes: She loves the Ergo 360! She also finally likes Sofie, and she enjoys sitting up like a big girl and playing in this Summer Infant Super Seat. She also loves morning time … and I love starting every day saying goooood moooorningggg! to her sweet face, big eyes and gummy smile :)

M CarharttDislikes:
 Michaela absolutely HATES tummy time. She screams her head off like a banshee after about four minutes, but as soon as I roll her over or pick her up to snuggle she stops screaming and immediately starts smiling. She’s such a little faker!!

Milestones: She can roll from tummy to back when she’s not being stubborn :) Her hands and toys are constantly in her mouth, she has become super communicative and she loves looking at and touching faces.

Dancing the baby to sleep

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Things That I Don’t Want To Forget: Ohhh my sweet, sweet girl. She absolutely exhausts me and I literally count down the hours until her bedtime, but I miss my little lady within minutes of her falling asleep. She loves to snuggle and has become such a little person this month. She’s always smiling and loves people. She had her first cold and low grade fever that lasted about a week, and it broke my momma heart. One day she pulled off while feeding, threw her head back and laughed a loud HAHA! and it was literally one of the best days of my life. Being her momma is the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me – all those cliche “you don’t know what love is until you have a child” lines are so, so true. It strangely feels like she’s been here so much longer than just three months, like she’s been a part of my life forever …



I’ve Finally Made Peace With My Blog’s 3/4 Life Crisis

When I first started blogging I had no idea what I was doing. I logged into my Blogger.com account a few times per month to update our family and friends about our (hockey) life in Germany, and I got overly excited when someone nominated me for a “Libester” award. (p.s. – Do those things still exist?)

As the years went on (gosh that sounds really dumb, but seriously – it’s been 4.5 years!) I slowly established this space, found my voice, got the opportunities to work with great brands, made some moolah, and became very confident with what I was doing here as a blogger. It feels so silly in retrospect, but this space defined a large part of who I was for a couple of years … I WAS A BLOGGER, YOU KNOW! … but now I’m 4.5 years “in” and I suddenly feel completely lost here.

When my dad got into his accident back in July, my family came first and this blog came in dead last. As the days turned into weeks that turned into five months of traveling to Albany and then into Boston to be by his side at the hospitals and in-patient rehab facilities, I simply couldn’t justify the time or find the desire to show up here consistently. I didn’t have much to write about anyways – life was grim and sad and scary and exhausting, and I didn’t want to expose it all here. For the first time in this blog’s life I didn’t need to “write it out” to feel better, much like I’d done in the past when things were bothering or upsetting me … because for the first time in a long time I was surrounded by my family and close friends to help me through all of the highs and lows that came with such a traumatic experience, and I didn’t need this space or complete strangers on the internet to help me like I did when I was 2,000+ miles away from home.

And then TJ wasn’t playing hockey anymore. And I having a baby … and it just felt like almost everything that I had ever published here before wasn’t relevant in my life or to this blog or to the people who read it anymore. So I accepted and published sponsored post after sponsored post after sponsored post for the past few months because honestly? … honestly, I needed the commitments to post, otherwise I would have quit blogging and let this space die completely.

And now here I am. Settling into life after hockey, with an incredibly demanding three month old. My adventures now include helping Michaela find her toes, driving up and down the NY Thruway and Mass Pike between Syracuse and Western MA, and navigating through the Dollar Spot aisle.

And for those who have ever wondered, yes, grocery shopping and Target really do feel like mini vacations when you have a kid.

I know that I’ve lost a chunk of readers over the past few months because of the lack of real content that I’ve posted here. And I’ve lost some more because we aren’t traveling anymore, others because TJ isn’t playing hockey anymore, and even more because I have a baby now. What I have to share about my life simply won’t interest the same people who were interested about what I had to say in the past … but I’ve finally made peace with it and with my blog’s 3/4 life crisis, and I’m looking forward to moving forward and sharing all of the new things that excite and interest me … even if I’m the only one who is interested in reading about it :)