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Over the next two months I’ll be celebrating my mom’s birthday, TJ’s birthday, Father’s Day, our wedding anniversary, my brother’s birthday, my dad’s birthday, my parent’s wedding anniversary, three friend’s birthday’s, a baby shower, a wedding shower and attending two wedding. Sheesh, that’s a whole lot of gifts and cards to purchase over the course of the next sixty-something days, huh?!

This past weekend weekend I was at Walmart browsing through the hundreds (thousands?!) of birthday card’s, searching for the perfect sentiments to send to my mom for her birthday (which is this coming Thursday), when I noticed Hallmark’s line of cards that start at only 47 cents. 47 cents! I thought to myself that at that pricepoint I could purchase ten+ cards for the cost of the one card that I was currently holding in my hand, and I was immediately sold on a such a great deal. I mean realistically, you can purchase 20 greeting cards for under $10 … they cost less than the stamp that you’d stick on the envelope to mail one out!

Hallmark .47 Birthday Cards at WalmartWalmart Bakery Cupcake

There was a wonderful assortment of all different kinds of 47 cent Hallmark greeting cards – from birthdays to Father’s Day to engagements and wedding anniversaries, sympathy cards, get well cards, welcoming baby cards … if you need a specific card, you can likely find it over in the Hallmark section that’s clearly marked with the large .47 cent advertisement above it. (take note: the .47 Hallmark cards are only available at Walmart.) 

47 Cent Hallmark Cards at WalmartHallmark Cards at Walmart In Store Photo

And don’t worry – just because they are “cheap” in cost in comparison to other cards, they do not look “cheap”! I was so impressed with the quality of the cards that I went a little card-crazy, purchasing one for all of the special day’s that I mentioned above, in addition to a few “just saying hello” cards, “thinking of you” cards, “thank you” cards, and some random silly ones, too. For only .47 cents, who wouldn’t stock up?


Before heading home I stopped by the office section to grab a 13 pocket expandable file folder to store all of the cards in – it makes the simplest DIY greeting card organizer! There’s a specific folder for each month’s birthdays and holiday’s, and then the 13th pocket holds the rest of the “thank you” cards, “thinking of you” cards, etc. It’s slim, and it provides great organization and protection to keep the cards from bending.

DIY Card Organizer  Hallmark Cards at WalmartHallmark Cards at Walmart  DIY Card Organizer

Do you have anyone that you can surprise with a .47 cent Hallmark greeting card?
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